Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Eggs Are Expired But I Have No More Hair Clips Left

I was walking to the Path train the other day and when I was almost to the track, these two guys passed me and one of them said "You missed the train but you're pretty."

I said, "No it's not."

My nonsensical and somewhat panicked response is not the point.  This is my post so I can make the point about something other than inability to think of quick comebacks that, when combined with a strategically placed hair flip, would make my opponents fall to their knees in deference to such wit and coolish-ness (instead I say things like "No it's not.")

The point is that this guy presented me with a new way of thinking.  In my day to day life before this exchange my logic went something like "The peanut butter jar is empty but I can use Nutella"and "My light bulb is out but I can think really hard about maybe getting a new one" and "I can't find a clean shirt but I have nowhere to go today so I can look for one when the chance of a human interaction eventually presents itself to me."

But this random stranger has given me an amazing gift.  He has presented me with a specific kind of freedom that only a man making unwanted contact with you in an underground station can make.  That is the freedom from correlation.

Now my days are like "The car smells kind of weird but I have tiny pockets today" and "I cut my leg shaving but five pennies are better than no pennies" and "I missed the train but I think Ben Franklin had a lot of sex."

So thank you, Path train guy.  You graciously provided me an opportunity to change up my world, my language and my logic, even though you probably just wanted to show your Path train friend how straight you are.

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