Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I Think I Found a New Reason Why I'll Never Have an Office with a Window

For some reason I distinctly remember the social studies teacher in 7th grade lecturing my class about the importance of concise and proper handwritten note taking.  This lecture was prompted when we all would gasp and whine when she went the next slide too quickly for us to copy it down, as if we were all perched on top of a cliff and she had just jumped up and down to make the ground shake and threaten to let us fall to a sharp, pointy death.

She was annoyed by this overreaction and warned us that in high school and college, no teacher would keep the slide up long enough for us to copy it down.  In fact, some teachers wouldn't even HAVE slides!  They would just talk at us and expect us to copy down their words like literary slaves!  We all shuddered at this thought and decided to call her bluff.  The whining continued.

In high school and college I've been pretty lucky, as most teachers I've had were kind enough to put their powerpoint slides on a website or just explain that the information for the test could all be found in the textbook or graciously allow me to use my laptop for note taking. I have never had to rely solely on my handwritten notes for study material. Ha HA 7th grade social studies teacher! Because of this lucky streak, I have never developed the concise and proper handwritten note taking skill that she wrongfully insisted I needed.

*suspenseful music*

I'm taking a class right now where no laptops are permitted, slides are flipped through faster than I can blink (and I'm  a preettty fast blinker [If you know what I mean]{I don't mean anything}]) and words like "colonization" and "utilitarianism" are spewed out every 50 seconds. After looking around at my peers and seeing a sea of blue and black pens no doubt taken from dentist offices, I realized that I was going to have to succumb to the fate that my 7th grade teacher had warned me about.

This is a bigger problem than it may seem.

Mostly because I have the handwriting of a 10 year old boy who had just found out his dad got him tickets to a baseball game and he could only go if he finished his homework in 5 minutes.

See, I used to comfort myself by thinking "Well doctors have bad handwriting too and doctors are really smart." But this comfort only lasts a couple seconds until I'm forced to internally admit that, as a theatre major, my future will rightfully not include writing on charts and being excused for bad handwriting because I had just saved a life.

And after reviewing my notes today, I realized that there is more than one reason why I will never be a doctor.  Or a lawyer.  Or anyone who will be invited to talk to kids at a career fair ever.

But it's okay!  Because I'm a theatre major! So this is no indicator of my future success! Right? ...Right?

...Why aren't you saying anything?

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